A Year Slips By; A Year’s about to End

I see that it has been almost a year since my last blog post. I have been very busy in the meantime, doing great things like hiring new employees at the firm, as the other pages on our newly-renovated website can attest to. However, like many busy people, I have been neglectful of other pots on the stove...  it’s easy to skip regular constructive activities that have not yet solidified into a habit. So I pause for a moment and lament the many blog posts I haven’t written. Now, as I notice that the calendar is down to a single page, two things strike me:

The first is that, as far as the business of drafting wills, very little has changed. To be sure, there’s lots of political news from the last year, and the economy has continued to do its economic thing, but the client-service challenges in the field of estate planning remain unchanged. This is true, not so much because there has been no tax bill, but rather because the issues most people face in the will-drafting process are the same as ever: they’re busy, they don’t know how to get started, and they feel like they have to make all the decisions before they can call a planner.

If you’ve read my previous blogs, you know that these (perceived) barriers are easily surmounted! Getting started is as easy as a phone call to our office (followed usually by a visit to the office). So if you haven’t used the past year constructively, fear not; the opportunity awaits!

Which makes me think of the second observation I had looking at the last page of the calendar (which in my case is a picture of snowy Johnson Chapel at Amherst College): now is an excellent time to begin estate planning. Sure, we have the holidays coming up, and the busy-ness that Thanksgiving and the December holidays always bring. But in terms of timing, it’s really a great window. You can call my office, chat a little bit about your situation, and if my firm is a fit for your needs, we can arrange a meeting or set aside time for a longer conversation and outline your steps to success. Many folks can get their planning needs tackled in the space of a focused few weeks, but even if you take longer, think how good it will feel going into the holidays, knowing that you have taken the first steps in this important planning. And indeed, if you do manage to move with momentum and get your documents signed before December 31, think how good it will feel to have taken care of this important business as you go into the New Year. One less resolution for 2018!