A Haiku for the Holidays

Here's a blog post for the holidays: I recently attended a holiday party (as one does during the holidays), whereupon I came across two festively attired women at a small table with chrome typewriters: the Haiku Gals. Apparently, the Haiku Guys and Gals create spontaneous, custom-tailored haiku at events. At this particular party, I was enticed into asking for a haiku, and in response to their demand for my topic-of-choice, I asked for three lines describing the feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment, and achievement that one feels after signing one’s will. The Haiku Gals looked up and nodded sagely; then, they typed and produced the following:


sleep comes easy to

the well-tended garden and

thoughtful gardeners


So... as you draw yourself to sleep in these waning days of 2017, with visions of sugarplums dancing in your head, whether you await Kris Kringle on the rooftop or long instead for a fresh coating of powder on your ski chalet, we wish you peace, prosperity, and sound sleep for the coming year. And if you give us a call, we can certainly help with the sound sleep part.