The Gift of Estate Planning

Today's blog is about estate planning as a gift for the partner-who-has-everything (or, indeed, as a gift from yourselves to yourselves). With the holiday season upon us, many folks, like me, realize that they have a fantastic beautiful spouse who is perfect and has everything she could ever want. Unsexy as it may seem, for that special person who is hard to buy for (particularly when you share a balance sheet and a family), a wills-and-trusts package may belong at the top of your list. Taking the time to invest in one's family and making plans for the inevitable can be a great way to show love and support, especially if this kind of planning is something that you've (both) been putting off.


By making a holiday gift out of an estate planning package, you're making a commitment to participate in the process of planning a mutual future, which is something that your partner may value more than a bauble or an excursion. If this idea is attractive to you, don't feel like you need sit down with me in the middle of December madness... Rather, reach out to my office now, to schedule a January consultation. This will allow you to (i) make use of the quiet month ahead, and (ii) muddle through the holiday season knowing that you're the kind of person who can take a longer view on preserving and protecting the giving circle. Why not call now to schedule our conversation?