Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan

Happy New Year!


I'm sure your inbox and social media are overflowing with all kinds of New Year's greetings and tips-and-tricks and resolutions and exhortations for 2018…  So I hesitate to add to your pile, but I do want everyone to have great estate planning documents to protect and care for their loved ones in this coming year.  


Accordingly, let me offer for your judicious discernment:


        1.      If “get a will” isn't already on your to-do list, it really ought to be. Show that you're the kind of person who takes care of business! Express your love for your family by doing what it takes to protect them! Certain things, after all, really are inevitable.


        2.      If “get a will” is already on your list, why not replace it with “schedule a consultation with a great planner”? Getting things done and off the to-do list is a lot easier when you chunk them down into specific action-steps that can be crossed out in succession with great satisfaction… Which leads me to...


        3.      If you’re reading this, you’re already in contact with a great estate planner! Why not give us a call today on 212-867-9120 and set the wheels in motion by scheduling a no-cost, plain-english strategy session?


Whatever the year brings you and whatever your other to-do’s may be, we wish you health, happiness, and prosperity. Enjoy!