Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Everyone’s experience of Mother's Day is unique because there all kinds of families and all kinds of moms. Some families have young mothers, and some have mothers and grandmothers who have passed on years ago. Some expecting families are gearing up for motherhood, and some families have two mothers.

Just as families come in all shapes and sizes, so does motherhood. But the idea of motherhood is both as American as apple pie and as universal as the love of family. It may be that your own mother didn’t have a will, or you as a mother don’t yet have a will. Nevertheless, the idea of estate planning, much like the idea of motherhood, is something that everyone can endorse (like saying “please” and “thank you”!).

This Mother’s Day, we hope that you enjoyed the memory of, the company of, and/or calling/Facetiming with, the mothers in your life. As May flowers bend toward Memorial Day, we invite you to consider the importance of estate planning, if not to follow your mother’s lead, then to set a good example for your own loved ones.