A Day at the Zoo

On Wednesday, our team went to the Central Park Zoo for our Spring Outing. Our timing was perfect; we caught the first really nice day of the year. And thankfully the timing of the outing coincided with a relatively quiet afternoon in our busy practice.

We were unsurprised to see a lot of interesting animals: starting off in the “Tropics,” we saw lots of colorful, exotic birds. After the elusive snow leopards, we paid our respects to the resident Grizzlies, Betty and Veronica, who were nonplussed, and then kibitzed with a waddle of chatty penguins. We even snagged some first row seats to watch the sea lions showing off during their feeding.

Also unsurprisingly, we saw a variety of families: Grandparents with kids, moms and kids, older folks on dates, tourists, and other groups of people of all ages and walks of life. We deliver our services to families and individuals as a team, so the zoo trip was a great opportunity for us to enjoy spending time together out of the office and getting to know each other better. But it also reminded us of the importance of the work we do, helping families of all kinds put important plans in place so that there will be guidance and instruction for the times that aren’t just a day at the zoo.