Our most common service

The Core Planning Package

A will is an absolute necessity, regardless of your age, if you want to protect your assets, family, and legacy. 

Depending on your age, history, marital status, and assets, we can create and cater our services to your needs.  

We will go through the process of designating provisions, assigning an executor, and deciding if you may need a power of attorney.

At Bischof & Bischof you can be confident that we will be transparent with you from the beginning. If necessary, we will find a payment plan that works for you. 

Our process is transparent, expedient, and honest.

Clients can move through Our simple 4-step process within a few days
or (more tipically) a few months. 


Come in for a free consultation so we can personally walk you through the process, assess your needs and discuss your options.


After we produce the draft documents for your review we’ll go through them to ensure they will acomplish your objectives


We’ll provide you with a few questionnaires to fill out so we can get the proper package setup for your needs.


When you approve the final documents you’ll come in one last time to sign them with witnesses. You’ll have the option of storing the original with us at no extra cost.